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The Hazelnut oil Baldaiassa - Production and sale

The production of our Hazelnut Oil, takes place exclusively by means of a squeezing of the mechanical type, at low temperature, so as to maintain unchanged the chemical structure and the natural genuineness; in observance of the ancient traditional Piedmontese methods.

Only difference in our extraction process than in the past, is the ability to benefit from greater scientific knowledge and to apply more stringent sanitary rules, improving the quality of the final product in greater guarantee for those who consume it.

Immediately after its extraction, our Hazelnut Oil, rests in stainless steel drums for food use, it is subjected to careful chemical and physical analysis and finally, if the measured values are considered suitable, bottled.

The production process is entirely conducted in our hazelnut transformation laboratory, daily, on small batches of fresh shelled product, so that there are no doubts on the resulting quality oil.

But our philosophy is not limited only to the technical aspects, we believe in fact with responsibly, that each project is inseparable from its very sustainability: economic, territorial and environmental.

Therefore we use only and exclusively hazelnuts grown in Piedmont; we try to direct our purchases of consumption materials to regional area according to the philosophy of the Km 0; we choose for the outside processing companies and local artisans; we implant and cultivate exclusively Piedmontese variety hazelnut (Tonda Gentile Trilobata), avoiding landscape distortions and without radicals changes of soil. Instead, our project seeks to recover by now grown wild land portions.

We do not use pesticides or other chemicals to treat our hazels, we properly dispose of any oil residues resulting from the processing and we use the wood of pruning cuttings and nutshells as an ecological fuel in winter...

...maybe, for these reasons, our Hazelnut Oil is so good!