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History and origins of hazelnut Oil - Baldaiassa

Hazelnut Oil... the real story!

"... At that time the country life was not easy, it is perhaps better than in the city. Anyway, we earned our bread by the sweat of our brow. Thankfully, we are not complaining, we have never lacked anything, but all was handmade: the care of the vines, the cultivation of the fields, the harvests. The cow was our only help, in addition, gave us that little bit of milk to drink and calf. Then the war came and the things have become even more difficult. During threshing, a state officer was to check how much grain we threshed and collected it for storage; for us it was still a small amount. We were trying to sell the wine: we used an inferior one, mixed with a bit 'of water used to rinse the barrels. It was also difficult to buy the products, even if we had a lot of money. The oil that we could buy with state card was just not enough. So I remember in the night we put the sheets on the windows, and to have a little 'of hazelnut oil more, we pressed all night: during the day we could not because someone might see us. So with that torch, arranged by relatives who worked in the railways, but I don’t remember where it came, we did the hazelnut oil. We pressed hazelnuts once, rest and then we left again to press. Then we crumbled those already crushed and again in the press to pull off even that little bit of hazelnut oil was left. The hazelnuts that remained, we didn't threw, it was maybe a cake or eat it roasted."

(from a story by "Grandma" Egle Penasso)

Hazelnut Oil... Piemontese memory of history at the table!